New C.D. Simple Again

Hi folks ,well the new (slightly unexpected) c.d. is done and will be available from me(only) by Feb 28th. Anyone wishing to order one should send check(personal is fine)/money order for $20 or similar in Euros,Francs,Shekels to my home address..if you don’t already have my home address please e-mail me at The album includes 16 tracks and comes in at 73 mins..I’m very happy with the selection of songs and the great playing from my friends in Phoenix Az.Album is titled Simple Again. Songs include three by Richard Thompson, Galway to Graceland,Beeswing,and Simple Again. The Island by Paul Brady, simple acoustic guitar and voice with PattyLynn harmonizing. The Voyage with lovely fiddle work  from Jerica..Plus our version of the old Van Morrison standard Madame George.Trad songs Oh no not I and Green grow the Rashes. Spare version( just guitar and voice) of Stan Rogers song Sailor’s Rest and two contemporary and slightly more “produced” songs ,Lennie Gallant’s Something Unspoken and Steve Gillette’s Test of Time..this is a new recording of the song that appeared on High Mountain Range c.d. some years ago.Also a recording of Red Hammock written by my fiend Shay Healy from Dublin with music by Bill(Riverdance) Whelan..this song is about Sir John Lavery the Irish artist trying to paint his dead wife’s picture. This is a recording done in San Diego California with my friend Brian Baynes( r.i.p) and showcases Brian’s talents as producer engineer and musician. So 16 songs and as much as I would like to send discs to everybody I must try to sell a few…lets hear from you, Thanks Bill.

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